Design and Build Contract

Design and Build Contract for use in Scotland (DB/Scot 2016)


  • where detailed contract provisions are necessary and Employer’s Requirements have been prepared and provided to the Contractor; 
  • where the Contractor is not only to carry out and complete the works, but also to complete the design; and
  • where the Employer employs an agent (who may be an external consultant or employee) to administer the conditions.

Can be used:

  • where the works are to be carried out in sections; 
  • by both private and local authority employers.

Where the Contractor’s design responsibility is restricted to discrete parts of the works and he is not responsible for completing the design for the whole works, consideration should be given to using one of the SBCC contracts that provide for the employment of an Architect/Contract Administrator and limited design input by the Contractor.  


Amendment and Errata Sheets

Amendment February 2018

Errata Sheet March 2020

Errata Sheet April 2020


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Design and Build Contract

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