Scottish Building Contracts Committee is committed to assisting the furthering of the education and training of those in the building professions and those wishing to join. 

SBCC are the only pan industry organisation to produce building contracts designed to meet the needs of the construction industry in Scotland. For more information see About the SBCC.

We offer a FREE Education Subscription and reduced rates for students at most of our seminars and training events, including our Annual Update Conference. 

SBCC Education Subscription

  • Are you a student?
  • Are you studying Scottish construction contracts as part of your course?

If you answer yes to the above ask your educational institution if they have a SBCC Education Subscription.

Education subscriptions allow students and staff, at educational institutions, access to view (but not complete) copies of all SBCC building contracts that are available online.

Education subscriptions are Free but must be requested by a senior staff member at the educational institution and should only be set up where they are for and restricted to staff and students on relevant courses.

Education subscriptions cannot be requested by individual students. If you are a student please speak to your educational institution to see if they have a subscription.

To apply for an SBCC Education Subscription please email supplying the following information:

  • Name of educational institution.
  • Address of educational institution.
  • Contact telephone number.
  • Applicant name and position at the educational institution. (must be a senior staff member, not individual students)
  • Email address the educational subscription is to be linked to. (this will be used in connection with the main login)

Please note as a general rule only one education subscription will be granted per institution, or institution location.

Once set up it is the responsibility of the senior staff member who has applied for the subscription to share the login details with staff and students on relevant courses.

Subscriptions run for 12 months and can be renewed annually, for Free, by emailing

Guidance for Education Subscription users.

SBCC's Annual Conference 

The SBCC conference, usually held in November of each year, provides a definitive guide to the latest developments in building contracts and construction law in Scotland. It is suitable for all construction industry professionals, including Architects, Engineers, Solicitors, Chartered Surveyors and Contractors, in both the private and public sectors. 

Speakers and topics for each conference are confirmed nearer the date.

JCT Contracts Discovery

JCT has published a 2018 revision of JCT Contracts Discovery. This is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of JCT construction contracts and contract procedures. 

For further details, click here


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