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25 June 2022

Cover the basics of JCT Contracts with their new Video Module series of JCT Training products - convenient and useful anytime you need to brush up on an aspect of a contract or familiarise yourself with a JCT contract for the first time.

JCT Training Video Modules provide a short introduction to the key elements of JCT Contracts:

  • The individual videos cover a particular aspect of the contract, full of useful information as a quick-reference guide and to refer to at a time convenient to you.
  • You can also purchase a contract course as a complete series - the videos combined provide an introductory overview to the whole contract, useful for providing a grounding for those new to the contract or for those wishing to brush up on their knowledge without committing to a full JCT Training Course.
  • Once purchased, you can log into your JCT account and access your videos from your account page at any time.
  • Note - JCT Training Video Modules do not include course certificates. For our more detailed, in-depth webinars and face-to-face courses, hit the button below.

JCT Training Video Modules form part of a wider package of training resourses for construction professionals, including webinars and face-to-face courses.

For more information please visit the JCT website.

*For users of SBCC contracts - Please be aware that JCT courses are not adapted for Scottish law and practice.

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