Now Available in Digital Format - SBCC Collateral Warranties

27 March 2024

The SBCC is pleased to announce that the following Scottish Building Contracts are now available to purchase in digital format when you have a Full Subscription with SBCC Online:

Collateral warranties are used as a supporting document to a primary contract where an agreement needs to be put in place with a third party outside of the primary contract. Sometimes an architect, contractor, or sub-contractor will need to warrant to a funder, tenant or purchaser that it has fulfilled its duties under a building contract.

Each collateral warranty is still available in print format without an SBCC subscription. Print copies of these contracts are available to purchase through our selling agents.

The SBCC produces building contracts and guides designed to meet the needs of the construction industry in Scotland. They are based on JCT contracts but compliant with Scottish law and practice.


For more information on our contracts and their appropriate uses please see - Which contract is appropriate for my project?


For more information about SBCC Online please see our FAQ's


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