Frequently asked questions about this site.

What are the benefits of SBCC online?

  • You will be able to access the latest contracts.
  • You can complete the documents on-line (except the Home Owner and PBA contracts which you may only purchase online).
  • One complete a standalone and project specific PDF document is produced.
  • Documents are securely stored on-line in your "area".
  • You have 24 hour access.
  • Watermarked 'Draft' copies can be produced before completing a contract.
  • Unlimited printed copies of completed documents can be made.

What are the differences compared to the previous purchase of paper copies?

All the documents now being produced are complete integrated documents – the conditions are included and there are no inserts. You need only complete one set of forms online. These can be worked on in draft until the "tick" button is pressed. This freezes the document, which can then be printed out as many times as required. Subscription payments and document purchases are all done online.

What are the costs?

The annual subscription costs are as follows:

  • Full Subscription  - £99.00 + £19.80 VAT (£118.80) Our full annual subscription allows you access to purchase our full range of contracts and guides.
  • Free Subscription - No Charge Our free subscription allows you to purchase our range of Homeowner Contracts and the Project Bank Account Documentation.

Please note: Subscriptions give access to purchase digital contracts. Once subscribed, digital versions of SBCC contracts can then be purchased individually on-line. Any purchased contracts will then be securely stored on-line in your "area" for completing. The cost to purchase an individual digital contract is the same cost as print copies sold in bookshops.

How are payments made?

Payments are made by Card via Stripe and PayPal.

Is there guidance for using the online contracts?

SBCC online contracts are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, but Guidance can be found here.

What contracts are available online? Are there old contract documents on SBCC Online for reference?

Only current contracts will be available online. Please see the Contracts section of our website for details of all contracts currently available.

When a new contract is released online this will be uploaded and the previous version will be removed. Copies of old and superseded contracts can be purchased through SBCC selling agents.

Does SBCC on-line have all the current documents that appear on the technical list?

All current documents will be uploaded in due course. Please note, there may be some contracts that are only available in Print format. Check here to find out the format availability of all current contracts.

Will it only be new documents from here on?

Yes, only the current versions will be available to purchase online. Older contracts are available from the selling agents - see the Price List under 'Check Latest Revisions'.

If old contracts are not online yet, are they likely to go on in the future?

There are no plans to upload old contracts.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can access this under one subscription?

There are no restrictions to access by staff in the office or on internet links externally. The subscriber obtains a user name and password and can permit anyone issued with this to work on documents on-line.

Can we use the one subscription in our offices in both Glasgow and Edinburgh?

Yes. Subscriptions are paid per business, if you are prepared to share the same username and password across cities. It would be easier, however, for users of multiple contracts, to take out a separate subscription per office address to manage the business area.

I find the blue background on your introductory pages quite difficult to read and, when printing off, the dark background uses a lot of toner.

The forms can be printed out in greyscale. SBCC online is working on a secure online application facility – thus printing and postage will be avoided and payments taken online.

What is the downloading cost per document in addition to the £118.80 charge?

Each contract is individually priced and the cost is the same as hard copies purchased from the bookshops.

How can payments be made for downloads?

Editable contracts are not downloaded. All documents are held in your discreet area of the website. After filling in the contract details, and saving these as a finished document, the contract can be printed as often as required. Contracts are paid for online per use (i.e. per project)

Will they be charged to our account?

Yes, once you have subscribed, and received your username and password, your account will be charged.

If we require two copies of the same contract are we charged for two downloads?

No, the contracts are paid for by project, not by number of downloads. You may download and print as many of these as you require.

What happens to our contracts once completed?

The completed documents are stored in your area on line – you can print out copies at any time. The stored versions will be the ones you filled in, but remember older versions of contracts will not be available online – these would be purchased from bookshops.

What if we un-subscribe?

If you wish to retire a subscription or fail to renew, your user name and password will be deactivated. You can either leave the information within the secure website, just in case you need access to documents at a later date – or you can ask for the information to be erased.

What Contracts are Available to Buy?

A price list of the current and historic contracts which are available for sale in hard copy is available here. The contact details for those who sell the contracts are given on the Home page of the website, under Selling Bodies.

Please remember, if you have any questions, you can email info@sbcconline.com.