Minor Works Building Contract

Minor Works Building Contract for use in Scotland (MW/Scot 2016)


  • where the work involved is simple in character;
  • where the work is designed by or on behalf of the Employer;
  • where the Employer is to provide drawings and/or a specification and/or work schedules to define adequately the quantity and quality of the work; and
  • where an Architect/Contract Administrator or a Quantity Surveyor, if appointed, is to administer the conditions.

Can be used:

  • by both private and local authority employers;
  • where bills of quantities are required;
  • where provisions are required to govern work carried out by named specialists.

Not suitable:

  • where detailed control procedures are needed;
  • where the Contractor is to design discrete part(s) of the works, even though all the other criteria are met – consider using the Minor Works Building Contract with contractor’s design for use in Scotland (MWD/Scot).


Minor Works Building Contract

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